- the competition for commercially based cultural collaborations

Swedish Arts & Business Awards is Kultur & Näringsliv's competition for commercially based cultural collaborations. The association has organized the competition since 1993 as a way to show good examples and encourage long-term sustainable cultural collaborations.

Cultural collaborations that are commercially based and mutually rewarding are thus also more long-term sustainable than others. That is also why we at Kultur & Näringsliv use the concept of cooperation and not sponsorship - as the mutual effect already exists in the concept of cooperation.

In order for mutually rewarding collaborations to be established, mutual respect, interest and open and clear communication are required; in other words, stable, commercial foundations. Culture & Business sees it as its unique role to promote and establish these foundations and thereby improve the conditions for such collaborations to take place. The purpose of the competition is therefore to draw attention to successful collaborations between culture, business and the public sector and thereby inspire others.